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                浙江省义乌市恒翔无纺布〗有限公司 > HOME > CHINESE > ENGLISH
                about us
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                电 话:0579 - 85210077
                销售部:0579 - 85210168
                财务部:0579 - 85218882
                总经办:0579 - 85210066
                传 真:0579 - 85210099
                地 址:浙江省义乌市经济开发区三期石鱼ㄨ路169号(稠江中学旁)


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                ABOUT US

                Zhejiang yiwu heng xiang non-woven fabric Co., LTD is specialized in producing high-grade zhejiang car inner decoration LaRong products of private enterprises. Founded in 20 August, covers an area of 12402 square meters and a building area of 16263 square meters, the fixed assets of 62.8 million yuan.


                Zhejiang yiwu heng xiang non-woven fabric Co., LTD. Is located in the famous in the world China commodity international trade city. Yiwu city businessmen gathered in each day, 200000 customers in this small commodity WangYangLi, looking for the wealth dream, here convenient transportation, railway electrification zhegan and two highway running through the north and south, aviation airport and the huge &highway combined network, can be easily to the provinces main city, yiwu already known as small commodities sea, a shopper's paradise city.


                The company belongs to the garden type factory, is located in the central city culture, a beautiful environment, the geographical position is superior, the distance from zhejiang province will one and a half hour drive from hangzhou, the distance from zhejiang province "hengdian studio" only 1 hour drive, the distance from the world metropolis Shanghai also only three hours' drive.


                The company currently supports with acupuncture non-woven 2 assembly lines, and a set of production vehicle, transfer printing machine a set, three roller ReGaJi a set, compound acupuncture equipment with three sets, a delay method in PE abdominal production line. (acupuncture production line has Germany import "di ROM" brand high speed needle-punching machine and the brush fleece machine two sets of textile machinery group-Qingdao; textile factory first-class equipment two sets clear open; Italy hem non-woven). Formed a production capacity of 8 million m high-grade car inner decoration materials fleece production capacity. The company product range includes: car carpet, Lord car luggage storehouse liner flannelette, car inner software ansys flannelette, toys flannelette, etc. With the rapid development of industry, car inner decoration demand is synchronous growth, the company relies on advanced equipment, technology and technology and perfect management system, main attack high-grade car car carpet, software ansys fabrics, especially successfully resolve the car with "non-woven printing" the industry the difficulty, win the market.


                The company cited the standard of ISO9001 quality management system and established by the authentication, quality policy is: pursuing products zero defect, and quality service to satisfy. Existing five provincial new products are recognized as national advanced level panel, appraised as science and technology enterprise.


                The products of this company currently has assembled to Honda, Volkswagen, modern, ford, jiangling, Switzerland abundant, chery, cobolli gigli, cheetah, Shanghai maple acs, jetta, hainan Mazda automobile, etc. Our goal is to cover the country, to the world.


                The company pursues the people foremost, quality as the soul, the good faith management, the user is supreme concept, to grasp quality, service, management, catch caught on production, wholeheartedly for the needs of the customers to provide satisfactory products and service, is willing with the social from all walks of life friend in exchange and cooperation hand in hand together, common development.


                Zhejiang province Yiwu City Hengxiang non-woven Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved  
                Address: Zhejiang province Yiwu City Economic Development Zone Three ( thick river beside the school)  TEL:0579 - 85210066  FAX:0579 - 85210099